Crème teintée DELUXE
Coloured day cream for the most demanding requirements. Special pearls pigments with light adjusting properties alleviate lines optically. Perfect adjustment for all types of skin. Ideal for women who wish to have a naturally tinted skin without appearing made up. Does not leave an oily touch on the skin. High quality capuacu butter containing essential fatty acids, phytosteroles, squalenes and a high amount of vitamin E provides special care and protection against free radicals. Hyaluronic acid provides optimal hydration. Free of mineral oil. Enjoy a skin which looks silky-soft.

Apply the coloured day cream to the facial skin after cleansing in the morning. The colour adjusts perfectly to all skin tones, suited for all types of skin.

Phytosterols, hyaluronic acid, CUPUACU butter, vitamin E, squalenes