Thalassa is the name of the sea goddess in
Greek mythology. She was considered to be the
personification of the Mediterranean Sea.

Today the expression "Thalasso Treatment" is not
only used for medical treatments. The expression is
also used for special beauty and wellness treatments.

Wellness oriented thalasso treatments are
used worldwide to increase the feeling
of wellbeing in every respect.

Algae provide moisture, stimulate the metabolism,
cleanse the body and counteract premature skin aging.

Sea salt, especially rich in trace elements and
minerals, supports the cellular metabolism
and the transport of oxygen.

Thalasso-méthode ALGINE is a holistic,
purifying treatment for the whole body
using a special wrapping method.

Thalasso-méthode ALGINE
Body wrapping with drainage effect. This wrapping method is especially effective on problem areas, such as cellulite and superfluous fat deposits. At the same time the skin becomes as soft as velvet.