Enter a distant world – holiday for your soul
Unique fragrances gently caress your senses; invigorating oils sensitize your skin.

The Hot Stone Treatment by L'amie cosmetic is a full body massage with hot volcanic stones. The body is anointed with oil essences and then massaged with hot volcanic stones along the energy meridians. The aim is to bring emotional, physical and spiritual energies into balance.

THAI SUN Massage Harmony
A special experience due to specific massage techniques using wonderful oil essences to stimulate the energy flow and to reduce stress. The pleasant and comforting warmth of hot stones, which has always been part of ancient massage techniques, has been rediscovered in modern times for stressed people

L'amie cosmetic
brings profound, well-balanced relaxation and increases thus your quality of life.

L'amie cosmetic Thai-sun-Massage-Oil
spoils you with sensual, harmonized scents with pleasing Asiatic fragrance components such as almond oil, jojoba oil and lemongrass oil. The natural power of these oils and the vitalizing warmth of hot stones harmonize your physical and mental equilibrium. Soft pressure of muscle relaxing massages sensitizes your skin and activates the energies of your body.